Party Rentals

If you’re having a party or wedding, you’ll want to ensure you can keep your guest entertained for hours and hours! Sure, an open bar is fun, as is a live DJ, but at some point, the thrill of what everyone else has for their party will wear off. You need an inflatable party rental to keep the party going! They aren’t JUST for children, adults can have just as much fun with them, as they have the right to! We think that everyone should be able to let out their inner child and just let loose and have fun. 

Bounce Houses

Who doesn’t love a bounce house? Everyone rips off their shoes and dives straight into a massive bounce house following the main event of your party or ceremony, just imagine the excited laughs you’d get from guests! With a style that’ll fit every party or event, you can take a look at a wide variety of bounce houses to fit what you would like to see set up outside your venue. Pink, blue, red, character-based, you name it, there’s a bounce house for everyone of all ages!

Bounce house safety is very important to us! By following these safety rules, you will find yourself enjoying the party more than worrying about injuries! We also reserve the right to withhold your rental if the weather seems like it might be dangerous, and we’ll work with you to get you rescheduled for another day soon that works for you. We just don’t want to risk the health of anyone for a little entertainment. 

Obstacle Courses

Need something a little more exciting and competitive than jumping up and down? An inflatable obstacle course is an excellent choice for any event! Pick teams and race against one another one by one, or watch your friends topple over the inflatable barriers. Your event will be a blast for everyone from kids to adults with a fun and safe obstacle course to race through! Bringing out that competitive nature in everyone is just plain fun, and it’s a good chance to get a bunch of energy and stress out. Anyone can have fun racing in an obstacle course, regardless of age!

Is there ever a party where a Raleigh bounce house rental would be inappropriate? Probably not. Don’t let your guests down. Rent your party inflatable today! We promise you won’t regret it, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.